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WECA (Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.,) and Corbins Electric have partnered together to offer a valuable opportunity to those interested in joining the electrical trade in Arizona.

WECA’s apprenticeship program has been called the most effective in the Western United States, which is why Corbins sought to bring it to the valley. Known for its high graduation counts, great reviews from apprentices and contractors alike, up-to-date National Electric Code-based curriculum and on-the-job training, and an experienced teaching staff and administration, WECA was an investment our leadership was enthusiastic to make into our field employees as well as the industry, making this program available locally at the beginning of 2021. Our PRIDE who are a part of the program now have voiced their appreciation that Corbins is paying for their schooling and hours spent while in the program.  They also enjoy the unique advantage the program offers, which allows them to complete it over a consecutive 2-week period every 6 months, replacing their typical working hours, in place of having to attend the classes after working hours throughout the four-year period.

WECA and Corbins offer a variety of Electrical Apprenticeship programs. In addition, they offer an Electrician Trainee Program, certification exam preparation classes, and continuing education for Journeyman Electricians.

It is with great pride that we have sought this partnership  which will not only develop skills and knowledge of our own workforce, but is an active step in our purpose to boldly change the construction industry. If you have any questions related to WECA or the Apprenticeship Program offered through Corbins Electric, please reach out at

Here is a short video all about the WECA program

Apprenticeship Program Highlights

  • Consists of two consecutive weeks of classes every six months
  • Outside of the class, you will work directly with a Journeyman within Corbins Electric
  • School tuition is paid by Corbins, through WECA, on behalf of the Apprentice (Books are the responsibility of the Apprentice)
  • Get paid during training (Corbins’ training wage)
  • Offers dedicated and experienced teaching staff

Take advantage of this opportunity and investment that Corbins wants to make in you and your future. If you are ready to make the time and commitment to yourself and to your own future, or would like some more information on how WECA can help you, please contact us and we can find the best path for you!

Words From a WECA Journeyman

“I have been at Corbins for over 25 years and we have been involved in three different apprenticeship programs during that time. I have seen apprentices struggle through other programs as they were working 8-10 hours a day and then expected to attend class 2 times a week, for 4 years. This has an impact on the apprentice's work/life balance and also leads to people dropping out or failing the program. At WECA, our apprentices go to school during the daytime for two weeks at a time, which allows them to get home to their families instead of attending school after work. The other side of this coin is the quality of the instructors at WECA. WECA apprenticeship instructors are full-time instructors who don't have to worry about another day job. Since joining WECA, our enrollment in the apprenticeship program has increased, our employees' work/life balance has improved, and I expect our retention to improve as well”

Darin Johnson VP of Foreman DevelopmentCorbins Electric