Justin Martin - Corbins

Justin Martin

President & CEO, Partner

Started with Corbins: 2012

Justin started in construction at age 19 holding various positions from Field Support, Field Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Division Manager, Operations Manager, COO, President & COO, to now, President & CEO.

What he loves most about Corbins is creating great opportunities for great people.

His best memory with the company was back in 2018 when he met William Corbin, who was the Founder of Corbins Electric in 1975.

One of his proudest accomplishments has been leading the second successful transition of management and ownership of a 45+ year-old company.

Outside of the office Justin enjoys traveling, wine tasting, wake surfing, snow skiing and reading.

Jessica Grant - Corbins

Jessica Grant

EVP & CFO, Partner

Started with Corbins: 2012

Jessica’s first job after finishing her BS in Accountancy from ASU was with a Residential Painting company in Phoenix where she fell in love with the construction industry and eventually made her way to Corbins Electric.

One of her favorite aspects about Corbins is seeing people thrive in their careers because of the opportunities to learn and grow with the company.

Some of her best memories are from the Annual Holiday Parties (Pre-COVID) and visiting with our close-knit team over in New Mexico.

Jessica is proud of what the team has persevered through to get to where they are now, which was no small feat. Literal sweat and tears went into creating the culture and success that we all see today, and she wouldn't change that path for anything.

She and Justin have 9 children at home in their blended family which keeps them on their toes. When they aren't at the kid’s games or making a thousand chicken nuggets, they enjoy traveling, wine, Peloton workouts, and binge watching the best new show they can find on Netflix together.

Aaron Thompson - Corbins

Aaron Thompson

President of NOX Innovations, Partner

Started with Corbins: 2000

Although Aaron first started out in banking, he left for better pay and because he had a desire to build and be outside. From there, he went to work for an HVAC company and eventually landed at Corbins.

He’s loved the ability to create his own future and path with the company, and that Corbins has always invested in him what he was willing to invest in himself.

Some of his best memories have been watching those around him grow into leaders. Especially seeing those he’s personally mentored or hired surpass his own abilities or expectations.

His proudest accomplishment is being a father and watching his twin daughters grow into amazing young women, personally, spiritually, and academically.

Outside of the office you can find Aaron doing anything outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Chad S

Chad Shultz

VP of Operations, Partner

Started with Corbins: 2011

Early on Chad had a vision to one day manage his own P&L division and lead people in their career journeys along the way. Arizona intrigued him as a melting pot of diversity, and he was referred to Corbins by a peer and as they say, the rest is history.

What he loves most about Corbins is the work he gets to do day-to-day and the talent of people that surround him.

One of his fondest memories is when he first started at Corbins. He had relocated his family from California and was trying to find his way, when Justin Martin, who was the Operations Manager at the time, recognized Chad’s ability and challenged him to raise the bar. Ultimately, this support and belief helped result in Chad’s growth into leadership.

Some of his proudest accomplishments include growing in his personal and professional life based off the lessons he has learned while at Corbins Electric. His desire is to leave a legacy for his children that drives work ethic and success in them every day.

In his personal time, Chad can be found working out, wake surfing, traveling, and attending his kid’s activities.


JD Martin

VP of Business Solutions, Partner

Started with Corbins: 2013

As a kid, JD was introduced to construction early on from the electrical contractor his stepfather worked for. He loves being an integral part of an innovative company within a dynamic industry, solving problems.

Some of the best moments for him at Corbins has been experiencing the company’s cultural change from 2013 through today. In addition, his years of hard work put into his undergraduate and graduate degrees remains among his proudest accomplishments.

When not at work or wake surfing with his wife and son, JD enjoys playing basketball, indoor soccer, golf and recently started playing pickleball (which he mentions is as fun as it sounds!).


Michael Vargo

VP of Operations, Partner

Started with Corbins: 2008

Michael got started in construction accidentally and got his degree in Residential Construction Management right as the home building market took a nosedive. To burn time, he took some extra classes at ASU and his Professor had a guest speaker, who was the Owner & CEO of Corbins Electric at the time. Since the residential market was not doing great, Michael reached out about a potential job, which led to a few interviews and eventually, him being hired.

His favorite aspect of Corbins is the people who establish and maintain the culture every day.

He says his best memory with the company is, without a doubt, the first time he experienced handing out performance bonuses to the workforce.

One of his proudest memories is being selected as one of six Corbins employees to pick up the ownership mantle, which he does not take lightly.

When he’s not at the office, he’s likely coaching Junior Bible Quiz at his church (a jeopardy-type program for elementary school kids), at the gym or traveling.

Alex Troyer - Corbins

Alex Troyer

VP of Operations

Alex was born into the construction industry as his father owned an architecture/ development/ construction company. He went to Purdue for construction management and had a professor that pushed him towards electrical contracting, where he fell in love with the challenge of electrical work during his internships. Upon graduation, Justin Martin offered him a position to work as a Project Engineer and he hasn’t looked back since.

What he loves most about the company is the ability he has to work on large, complex projects and to bring new innovative techniques to building jobs.

His favorite part of his job is winning new work and going through the startup and planning stage of a project. In addition, he loves being able to develop and mentor teammates while watching their careers takeoff.

Some of his proudest accomplishments include being a husband to Elena and a father to their four amazing kids: Colten, Adelyn, Saylor, & Maverick.

In his free time, you’ll catch Alex watching Purdue basketball & football, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Brian Pemberton - Corbins

Brian Pemberton

VP of Virtual Design & Construction

After graduating from ASU, Brian worked for 3 years in aerospace design. He had a school mate working for one of the largest Mechanical Contractors reach out to ask if he would be interested in running their fab shop and BIM department. After 10 years in the mechanical world, he made the switch to run the BIM department at Corbins.

What he enjoys about Corbins is the example of "trust in the team” from the top-down. Early on, he heard this quote by Steve Jobs: "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do." This perspective put into action by a company was a first for Brian’s professional career, and he doesn’t think this philosophy is common out in the industry today.

One of his best moments was experiencing the daily huddle for the first time. The topic was about a jobsite issue that the team could have improved upon. Ownership was taken, support was emphasized, and lack of communication was established as the root issue. What could have been looked at as a minor setback was handled with such care and ultimately seen as a commitment that wasn’t fulfilled to a client. This example of leadership was huge for him.

His proudest accomplishment is graduating from both ASU and University of Michigan with his engineering degrees.

Brian’s hobbies include spending time with his family, traveling, and outdoor activities like camping and hiking.


Darin Johnson

VP of Foreman Development

Darin’s dad was an electrician, and after starting his own company, he asked Darin to jump on board. Originally, they began with residential work and he found himself getting bored and uninterested. Eventually, they landed a commercial project where he got to run conduit. It was then that he knew electrical was for him. Through the years, he spent time at other electrical contractors before making his way to Corbins.

From day one until now (25+ years) it has been like a family. Through the ups, the downs, the stress, the success, it has always been about taking care of each other through the good and hard times.

One of his special memories was spending time with Bill (founder of Corbins Electric) before he passed. Through the years of mentorship with Bill, he ensured Darin the company he started was in good hands and that he was proud of the team.
Some of Darin’s proudest accomplishments has been receiving the employee of the year award and his son graduating from ASU.
Outside of the office Darin enjoys, hanging with his wife Theresa, fishing, grilling, and spending time with his son.

David Pollard - Corbins

David Pollard

VP of Field Operations

Growing up David worked for his uncle's construction business in Colorado. When he was 19, he moved to Arizona and started in the electrical apprenticeship. After 9 years of working in multiple roles for another electrical contractor, he knew he needed to be somewhere where there was more growth potential for him.

David notes there is a deep trust built across the entire team at Corbins. That trust allows everyone to operate at an extremely high level with project teams and across multiple departments, and ultimately supports our purpose of "Empowered thought leaders boldly changing the construction industry.”

His favorite memory is rolling out the Lions Code and the top 10 Promises to our Workforce. This effort allowed the company to provide clarity and examples of what performing well looks like, which empowers them to control their future and development.

His proudest accomplishment is watching those he has worked with or mentored begin leading their own teams. For David, it’s very rewarding to see his teammates transform into leaders in the industry.

David enjoys anything outdoors, but some of his favorites include fishing and taking his family to the beach and the lake.

Jackie S

Jackie Steinberger

Director of Accounting

Jackie has her BA in Communications and was working in public relations prior to her husband being relocated to Arizona. When they first moved, she started temping which brought her to both accounting and construction. After being introduced to accounting she realized she really enjoyed it (and was good at it). She went back to school for her BS in Accounting, Master’s in Accounting and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license while working full-time. After graduating (again) she worked in public accounting for a few years to gain experience and eventually came back to the construction industry and hasn’t looked back since.

She loves that she feels valued here. She knows her opinion and what she does matters.

Her best memory at Corbins was winning the annual employee award for "Passion" in 2019. She was truly honored to be nominated by her coworkers for this core value.

Jackie’s proudest accomplishment is marrying her best friend 15 years ago (and remaining best friends through all the craziness life has brought them)!

She loves being active and doing anything competitive. Her main hobbies include racing dirt bikes and training mixed martial arts (MMA), but she also loves mountain biking, hiking, camping, and motorcycle riding. Sundays are usually her "rest" days and you can find her napping on the couch, curled up with her puppy and husband.


Jessica Padilla

Director of Marketing

Jessica comes from a long line of electricians: grandfather, father, uncles, and cousins. Her dad is a general contractor, so she’s grown up around construction her whole life. With a natural passion for the creative process in building, she went on to complete her BA in Interior Design. Ultimately, she found herself in sales and marketing and worked her way up in the health and wellness space until landing a spot at Corbins where she is building their marketing department from the ground up.

What she loves most about her work is being able to tell the Corbins’ unapologetic and authentic story. It makes promoting the edginess of the brand and the hard working & highly skilled members of the team even more meaningful, because it’s 100% real. For Jessica, what sets Corbins apart is that they are exactly who they say they are.

Some of the most impactful moments at Corbins have been when its validated that she is a key member of the PRIDE. She loves the constant need to evolve both personally and professionally to stay out ahead from the norm. Excellence is the company’s baseline, and she’s down for the challenge.

Her proudest accomplishments, no doubt, come when a marketing campaign and project is executed. The team puts so much collaborative thought and effort in what they do, and it never gets old for her to see that come to life for everyone to experience.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling the world, spending time with her family and her sweet senior beagle.


Joey Tignini

VP of Preconstruction

Joey worked for his family's electrical company growing up. He began in the warehouse and the field and eventually worked his way into the estimating department. He had always wanted to be in law enforcement and has a degree in criminal justice from the University of Arizona, but when he graduated, his uncle made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He has been in construction ever since and is loving it.

He never dreads going to work and enjoys knowing he gets to come work with very talented team members every day. Joey loves the saying "blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family".

Some of Joey’s best memories have been made staying late into the evenings when there is a big project going out and the whole team is together getting it done. Through the years, there have been a lot of those nights and every time is memorable.

One of the proudest accomplishments he notes is how we’ve been able to establish Corbins as such a force in our industry.
Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his twins, Michael and Sofia, and getting out on the course for his new favorite hobby: GOLF.


Kim Brown

Director of Talent & HR

In her 20's she worked in quality for a manufacturing company and in a career pathing conversation, mentioned on a whim that she always thought HR would be interesting. A while later, they were willing to take a chance on her. She took the job and realized it was the type of work she wanted to be doing. From the moment she interviewed at Corbins, she knew this place was special. The whole interview was about the people and innovation. They completely changed what her expectations were of the construction industry, and they've continued to do so ever since.

She loves that we are constantly pushing for excellence at Corbins. The minute a big project is finished, or a goal is met, we never sit back and relax, we are onto the next thing. As a company we are always looking to create more runway for our teammates.

In her role she has the unique opportunity to have a big picture view of what is going on in different aspects of the company, as well as gets to talk to a lot of employees. She loves that over time, she gets to watch people see through the goals and dreams they have spoken to her about through their own hard work and ambition.

One of her favorite accomplishments was running a marathon. Not being a natural runner, getting up every day and logging miles was not only physically challenging, but emotionally challenging for her as well.

In her off time, Kim loves traveling, hiking, and spending time with her dog and family.


Krystle Bryan

Chief of Staff

Krystle is no stranger to construction with her dad and her husband both being in the industry. She knew the impact her type of position can have to help execute on goals and was intrigued by the Corbins story. She now enjoys being able to connect with the team to ensure the company thrives, whether that be business objectives, career paths, or personal goals of brothers and sisters of the PRIDE.

For Krystle, Corbins walks the walk and carefully follows through on the commitments they have to customers and employees.

One of Krystle’s fondest memories was her first time on a job site. She says this allowed her to “see all the ins and outs of this community working together like a bee’s nest”. Everyone has a job and works towards fulfilling their daily goals all while having a great and safe time doing so. This reinforced her understanding that the field team members are truly the blood of the company.

Corbins allows for Krystle to be a successful, career-driven mother. This gives her the ability to complete her career goals while not missing a beat in her home life which is one of the biggest accomplishments for her. She feels blessed to be able to have the best of both words: a thriving career and family.

In her off time, she’s watching her children on the BMX track, climbing rock walls at the gym, or taking a boxing class. She also enjoys discovering new places traveling and dining out with family & friends and a glass of wine.


Michael Sappington

Director of Safety

Michael’s spent 18+ years in Public Safety / EMS before moving into Occupational Environmental, Health and Safety. He started his Occupational EHS career in Mining and eventually moved on to Heavy Civil Construction before coming to Corbins.

The collective positivity is one of his favorite aspects of working at Corbins., along with the outside the box thinking and drive to be an industry leader.

He also enjoys the family atmosphere and the relationships that he’s built with other employees.

One of his proudest accomplishments has been growing the Corbins Safety Team. This has allowed for the promotion of people on the team and has contributed to their development as Safety Professionals.

When he’s not at the office you’re most likely to find him spending time with family and golfing.


Nate Unruh

Business Solutions Manager

Nate majored in Computer Science but was looking for a different way to apply his skills and branch out. His brother was a construction manager and got him interested in construction, specifically electrical. When the opportunity presented itself at Corbins, he took it and immediately loved how the industry flowed and wanted to learn more.

The honesty and accountability between each team member is what makes him love working at Corbins. He knows he will be challenged every day by smart individuals who truly care about the company, industry, and himself. This creates a culture of helping others to succeed which is contagious and always pushes him to do his best.

Nate’s best memory was the conversation around his promotion to the manager position of his team. While at the time they still didn't know exactly what the team was going to be, he remembers his manager had complete confidence in him despite his many questions and uncertainties.
He knew the team had his back and would allow him to continue to grow in his career.

When the pandemic hit, he was still working on standardizing the team's processes and moving everything digital. The work from home requirement put a rush on this, but his team’s productivity increased despite the difficult times, which is one of his proudest accomplishments.

He loves tennis, basketball and trying new sports. He’s very close with his 2 brothers and always makes time to do things with them. Most recently, he’s started doing a lot of cooking and enjoys trying new cuisines at unique restaurants.


Rick Johnson

VP of Operations

Rick’s dad was a licensed Master Electrician and would travel with him to jobsites as a young kid, learning new skills along the way and an admiration for the trade. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering having specialized in power generation, transmission, and distribution and industrial power systems. Over the next two decades of his career, he managed a vast array of extensive projects. Wanting to move away from the Michigan winters, he had a few calls and a day of interviews with the Corbins team and knew this was the change he was looking for. The next day Rick became part of the PRIDE and has never looked back.

He loves the positive attitude that permeates the entire organization. It’s a culture where you can challenge each other in a safe environment, trusting that all interactions are meant to push you forward.

One of his best memories of working at Corbins was leading a specific project that was the catalyst for bringing the team together. Through the development of these strong relationships, the team worked tirelessly and relentlessly to reach success. It was something Rick had never experienced in his career. He has since realized this team dynamic is not unique to his projects but engrained in the culture of all our teams.

Rick loves mentoring and teaching people, and his proudest accomplishment is seeing the people he’s developed become proficient, or even better than him, at performing certain tasks.

Outside of work he enjoys building things with his hands, such as rebuilding cars, or any type of home project. He loves music of all kinds and enjoys concerts. Hiking is another one of his favorite activities, and of course, spending time with his wife and son.


Tyler Curtis

VP of Fabrication

Prior to joining the team at Corbins, Tyler spent 15 years in construction with a primary focus on metal fabrication. Although he started his career as a metal fabricator, over the years he was given additional responsibilities which eventually led him to various opportunities to take on project and operation management roles.

Tyler says the culture at Corbins is something you can feel when you walk through the doors. The team is, hands down, his favorite aspect of the company.

There have been many opportunities that the team needed to tackle head-on and he feels they’ve done an excellent job at creating solutions. Learning from these challenges helps the team perform at their best going forward.

Being able to work with a group of highly skilled individuals who work together to implement cutting-edge ideas and practices that push the limits of what can be done, has been a highlight for him in the last few years. These experiences have allowed him to be a better husband and father to his girls.

He loves spending as much time as he can with his family in the outdoors, whether it’s at a beach, in the mountains, on a lake, or down a dusty road!