Litho Continuity

Scope of Work

  • Install (3) 2500kW generators, electrical switchgear building, medium voltage substations, and transformers
  • Work was across 3 buildings to provide redundant air handler cooling capacity


  • build TRUST | this work required shutting down critical systems, performing underground work with other subs, and coordinating on-site material layout
  • champion INNOVATION | through the use of our Virtual Construction and Fabrication, we generate substantial labor savings on the exterior rigid pipe runs from building to building
  • operate with EXCELLENCE | the pull plan for this project took 3 weeks to determine dates to bring equipment online without impacting ongoing factory operations


  • promote DEVELOPMENT | we had newer employees working on this project, and our foremen were able to use this complex project as teaching moments to develop our young field workforce
  • build TRUST |numerous design changes that impacted equipment layouts and sequencing throughout the project, and by stopping the work to pre-plan for the changes, we were able to adjust for changes without impacting the end date
  • champion INNOVATION | this complex job kept stress high, but our team was diligent in getting everyone together to adjust the pull plan as new issues arose to keep the end goal in sight for the entire team
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