CAP White Tanks Generator Replacement

Scope of Work

  • Furnish and install new 20kW generator and ATS
  • Remove old 19kW generator
  • Shut-down and coordination with APS & CAP


  • operate with EXCELLENCE | get generator, associated equipment, and crew to the jobsite; switch out generator on top of a mountain with extremely limited site area on extremely windy day
  • champion INNOVATION | design and construct new layout of generator skid platform
  • build TRUST | true teamwork – everyone involved and made it  happen


  • build TRUST | window of 12 hours of shutdown time from APS & CAP
  • build TRUST | critical systems – water controls, communication
  • operate with EXCELLENCE | remote location on top of a mountain, steep terrain and difficult site access, equipment needed for change out
Central Arizona Project (CAP)
Delivery Method
Job Order Contracting
White Tank Mountains, Arizona
Industrial & Manufacturing
Electrical Construction
Completion Date
September 2016