ASU Fulton Center Reliability Upgrades

Scope of Work

  • Install a 350 KW Cummins generator, ATS, UPS, and associated gear to provide a fully functional emergency stand by system


  • champion INNOVATION | instrumental in the design assist and execution; we were the electrical contractor on the original build and we were the “contractor of choice” for the renovation project
  • promote DEVELOPMENT | coordinated with many end users for clarification on equipment and location to be hooked up the generator
  • build TRUST | performed at night between the hours of 9 pm and 5:30 am


  • operate with EXCELLENCE | High profile end user
  • build TRUST | Unforeseen existing condition caused us to hit a conduit and lost power while core drilling; we corrected the problem within two hours and without interrupting daily operations in the building, re-establishing our customer’s trust
  • champion INNOVATION | ATS was taller than the ceiling in the garage – removed ATS off the shipping pallets outside garage, laid them on their side, and re-stand them in the garage with only inches above for clearance
Arizona State University
General Contractor
Tempe, Arizona
Electrical Construction
Electrical Service
Completion Date
October 2016